Destination El Paso

National Commercial | El Paso, TX | Early September (1-2 days) | non union | Paid

We’re looking for charismatic, unique individuals to be featured in a tourism commercial for the city of El Paso (which will be broadcast nationally on CBS during the Sun Bowl).  Talent will be interacting at various locations around the city (restaurants, bars, parks, museums), somewhat like a documentary. We'd like you to send a video of yourself answering a few questions into camera.  Think of it like a Real World audition. Don't worry about framing, camera quality and the technical elements, but rather have fun and get creative with it. We want to get a sense of who you are and your personality/uniqueness from this video!  Be yourself!

SUBMIT: Email a quick cell phone video to

Please try and keep the video under two minutes if possible.

  1. Please include a full body slate (a shot that shows your whole body--questions can be answered in close up after that.)

  2. State video your name, age, and phone number please.

  3. Do you have any acting experience?  (again, not necessary, but cite a few examples if so)

  4. What’s your favorite thing to do in El Paso? (could be a bar, lookout point, hike, restaurant, activity, etc.)

  5. What makes you unique?

  6. What’re some of your hobbies/talents/passions?  (play music in a band? own a coffee shop? are a graffiti artist?  there’s a chance we might feature your interests in the video)

  7. Tell us why you think you should be featured in this commercial.

  8. Anything else you’d like to add?


Short Film | Albuquerque, NM | June 22 - 24, 2018 | SAG AFTRA | Paid 

Pozole is a Wes Anderson style dark comedy that explores cultural and racial divides within the Latino community through the lens of a SW Mexicano family. Executive Produced by WeTransfer! 

SUBMIT: Fully Casted! 

[LEA] Female; 50’s/60’s; Mexican/Latina. Stern, yet caring. Maia’s mother. She carries the weight of generations of Mexican women on her shoulders. The kind of women who refuses to let her grief show in public. Must speak Spanish, native Spanish speakers preferred.

[TIA] Female; 40’s/50’s; Mexican/Latina. The gregarious aunt that you know will have a few too many at the party. She’s the life of any family gathering. Loud, ready to tell a story. She is full of so much love, and is extremely well loved in return. Must speak Spanish, native Spanish speakers preferred.

[NINO] Male; 8-12 yo; Mexican/Latino. Maia’s baby cousin. He may not know her very well, but he’s definitely heard of her. He has that blank sort of stare that only a 12 yo can give, the kind that burrows into your soul. Spanish speaking a plus.

[NANA] Female; 60-80 Mexican/Latina. Weathered grandmother (believably 100 years old), must be agile enough to lay on the ground. No lines, but heavily featured.

[FAMILIA] Any gender; any age; Mexican/Latinos. Looking for various interesting, dynamic faces to portray family members at a wake. Must be available for both shoot days. Must speak Spanish, native Spanish speakers preferred.

Credit union commercial

Broadcast Commercial | El Paso TX | February 16 - 19, 2018 | Non Union | Paid

Several commercials for broadcast featuring home loans and home renovation loans. 

SUBMIT: Fully Casted! 

[CHLOE] age 4-14; female; any ethnicity

[JASON] age 4-17; male; any ethnicity

[BRIAN] Mid 30s; male; any ethnicity

[SANDRA] Mid 30s; female; any ethnicity

[KARLA] Mid 30s; female; any ethnicity

[HOUSE WIFE] 30s; female; any ethnicity

[HOUSE HUSBAND] 30s; male; any ethnicity

[BANK FAMILY WIFE] Mid 30s; female; any ethnicity

[BANK FAMILY HUSBAND] Mid 30s; female; any ethnicity

[BANK FAMILY CHILD] age 8-12; female; any ethnicity

[COFFEE SHOP WIFE] Mid - Late 30s; female; any ethnicity

[COFFEE SHOP HUSBAND] Mid - Late 30s; male; any ethnicity

Hospital Commercial

Broadcast Commercial | El Paso, TX | January 15 - 18, 2018 | Non Union | Paid

Several commercials for broadcast featuring the hospital's Cardiac Center, Stroke Center, and Orthopedic Center

SUBMIT: Fully Casted! 

[RUNNER] Hispanic; male; 50s LEAD

[POTTER] Hispanic or white; female; mid-50s LEAD

[ISA] Athletic; Hispanic; female; 10 years old LEAD 

[WIFE] Hispanic; female; mid-40s

[SIBLINGS] a boy and girl; Hispanic; between 5 and 8

[CARDIAC SURGEON] Indian; any gender; 50s

[EKG TECH] Hispanic; any gender; 30s

[NURSE] Any ethnicity; any gender; late 20s

[SENIOR MAN] Hispanic; any gender; late 60s

[HUSBAND] Hispanic or white; male; mid-50s

[PHYSICIAN] Hispanic or white; any gender; mid-30s to early 40s

[CT SCAN TECH] Hispanic or white; male; mid-30s

[POTTERY EXPERT] to function as body double when shaping the pottery and to consult with on set to ensure the talent acts and performs as a seasoned pottery artist would

[ANA] fashionable tween; Hispanic; female; 10 years old

[ORTHOPEDIC NURSE] Hispanic African American or white; female; early 30s

A Picnic Table, AT Dusk

Short Film | Albuquerque, NM | January 5 - 7, 2018 | Union | Paid 

A park. Suburban, ordinary. A picnic table. Plain, unassuming. A teenage girl. Quite, withdrawn. “A grieving teen communicates with an unseen stranger by leaving messages on a picnic table at her neighborhood park.

SUBMIT: Fully Casted! 

[IVY] Female; age 12-17; any ethnicity

[DOG WALKER] Any gender; any age; any ethnicity; Prefer to cast someone with a dog as well. Please send in photos of your dog with your submission. Not a deal breaker if you do not have a dog.

[JOGGER] Any gender; any age; any ethnicity; Healthy, fit

[BIKE RIDER] Any gender; any age; Must have own bicycle

[CAR DRIVER] Any gender; any age; Looking for someone who has a newer upscale vehicle.


Anti TObacco Commercial

Statewide Commercial | Albuquerque, NM | December 17, 2017 | Non Union | Paid

Commercial for broadcast with a vibrant family party. 

SUBMIT: Fully Casted! 

[MOTHER] Female; age 37-50; hispanic; Lead, must be fluent in spanish

[FATHER] Male; age 37-50; hispanic; Lead, must be fluent in spanish

[GRANDMA] Female; age 60-90; hispanic

[GRANDPA] Male; age 60-90; hispanic

[AUNT] Female; age 30-50; hispanic

[UNCLE] Male, age 30-50; hispanic

[COUSIN] Any gender; age 10-17; hispanic

[CHILD] Any gender; age 4-10; hispanic

Black People Meet Campaign

National Commercial | Los Angeles, CA | October 20-21 2017 | Non Union | Paid

Commercial for broadcast. Interview style. 

SUBMIT: Fully Casted! 

[INTERVIEWEE] We're looking for a diverse group of unique African American singles, male and female, who live in Los Angeles to be interviewed for a new campaign that will be broadcast on television. Talent will be answering as themselves, and will be interviewed about black love, their turn ons, what they're looking for in a partner, and what makes them unique.  

Back To Earth 

Episodic Series Pilot | Albuquerque, NM | August 7-10 2017 | SAG AFTRA | Paid

Back to Earth engages you in a transmedia experience that leads you on a journey to uncover the deepest secrets of our (un)reality. The interactive story unfolds through blogs, online communities, short stories, videos and social media.

SUBMIT: Fully Casted!

[ VINCE ] 50 to 59 years old; any ethnicity; male.  Vince is tough and unwavering. He's seen some serious shit and isn't afraid to kill. Named talent required. (4 days, rate negotiable)

[ ANNA] 8 to 12 years old; under 4ft 6in; blonde or brunette; female. Caldwell's younger sister. She's an innocent girl who gets caught up in a mess much bigger than herself. (1 day)

[ RAGER - JESS ] 19 to 29 years old; any ethnicity; female. Ragers are animalistic and anger hungry monsters. Zombies that don't want to eat you, they just want to kill you (or each other) in any way possible. Named talent prefered, fitness model, significant social media following required. (1 day, some stunts required, rate negotiable)

[ RAGER #1 ] 25 to 50 years old; any ethnicity; male.  Ragers are animalistic and anger hungry monsters. Zombies that don't want to eat you, they just want to kill you (or each other) in any way possible. (1 - 2 days)

[ RAGER #2 ] 25 to 50 years old; any ethnicity; male.  Ragers are animalistic and anger hungry monsters. Zombies that don't want to eat you, they just want to kill you (or each other) in any way possible. (1 - 2 days)

[ RAGER #3 ] 25 to 50 years old; any ethnicity; female.  Ragers are animalistic and anger hungry monsters. Zombies that don't want to eat you, they just want to kill you (or each other) in any way possible. (1 - 2 days)

Albuquerque Traffic Safety

PSA | Albuquerque, NM | July 27 - 28 | | Non union | Paid 

A fun and quirky traffic safety video for the City of Albuquerque starring an eccentric host

SUBMIT: Fully Casted!

[SAFETY SAMUEL] Any gender; 28-40; Any ethnicity. Cross between Ernest from the “Ernest Movies”, a clown and a crossing guard. Add a dash of Miss Frizzle from “The Magic Schoolbus.” Eccentric hair, but earnest, goofy, knowledgeable and endearing.

[MATEO] Male; 9-13; Any ethnicity. Pre-teen rebel with an attitude.

[MAYA] Female; 9-13; Any ethnicity. Tack-smart and a little precocious. Tomboyish.

Beat Blue 

Narrative Short | Albuquerque, NM and Las Cruces, NM | July 13 - 16 | SAG AFTRA | Not Paid 

A police officer's career is jeopardized when her brother ends up on the other side of her investigation. The story unfolds as characters speak only in rhyme.

SUBMIT: Fully casted! 

[LAURA] Female, 30’s - 40's, Hispanic/Black/Middle Eastern. Smart, strong, quick witted detective. She's a perfect cop on paper, but not immune to her own past as it begins to affect her job. 

[CARLOS] Male, 18 - 26 Hispanic/Black/Middle Eastern. A smart kid, just raised on the wrong side of the tracks. Carlos finds himself breaking the law in order to support his family. 

[CAMERON] Male, 30’s, Any Ethnicity. A young cop who has quickly rose through the ranks despite the fact that his tactics are less than ethical. 

[GAIL] Any Gender, 50s, Any Ethnicity.  The police captain. Cool, calm, and collected. They've been through this rodeo well more than once.

Everyone Else

Narrative Short | Albuquerque, NM | May 28 - 29| SAG AFTRA | Not Paid

On a trip home two people talk about what it means to live.

SUBMIT: Fully casted!  

[MARISELA]  Female, Late 50’s, Hispanic.  Willful but sad. Raised as the heir to her matriarchic family, she ran away from that responsibility as a young woman, but has just dramatically reclaimed it. She debates her actions with a stranger on a train in search of solace and validation while knowing she will get none.

The River Still Flows

Narrative Short | Albuquerque, NM | September |  SAG AFTRA | Paid 

An abstract, poetic piece that questions death, life, and redemption. Highly visual and sonically driven; this film challenges humanity by exploring the reality of fragility.

SUBMIT: Fully Casted!

[HOLLOW GIRL] Female, 25-30, Any ethnicity. Once a thriving spirit, now a broken soul. The Hollow girl wrestles with death and questions who she really is. But through the mourning of life lost, she begins to shed her pain in the search for more.

[TENDER WOMAN] Female, 35-40, Any ethnicity. This gentle woman has experienced much tragedy. You can see it in her eyes and the way her face rests. Deep compassion overflows from her.

[IMMENSE MAN] Male, 30-45, Any Ethnicity. A shadowy figure and an immense power. You can feel the weight of his presence by how he holds himself. The very essence of fearless. A protector.

Real Eyes 

Music Video | Albuquerque, NM | May 5 - 7 | Non Union | Paid 

Music video for Santa Fe artist, Tawanda

SUBMIT: Fully casted! 

[RASHAD] Male, 21-27, Any ethnicity. Romantic partner of Tawanda. A kind soul with a volatile side. He wants their relationship to just continue as it is, spiraling into something worse with each day, because he is afraid to change himself. Looking for an actor comfortable with mild to moderate physical activity for one aspect of the music video.


Narrative Short | Albuquerque, NM | June 3 - 4 June 10 -1 1 | SAG AFTRA | Paid

On the night of the biggest show of their life, a struggling jazz band accidentally kills the venue owner and must do whatever it takes to play the gig before they get caught. 

SUBMIT: Fully casted! 

[SUNNY] Female, 20-30, Any ethnicity. Singer and lead guitarist. She's the leader of the band in every sense of the word, constantly pushing them to be better. She's unhappy with their current state, both professionally and artistically, and will do whatever it takes to break this plateau. 

[GRANT] Any gender, 20-30, Any ethnicity. Pianist. Although a talented jazz performer, Grant is less interested in breaking new ground and more interested in breaking the bank. He hopes for fame and doesn't like anything that rocks the boat.

[PHILLIP] Any gender, 20-30, Any ethnicity.  Drummer. A little childish and a lot sarcastic, Phillip is happy to go along for the ride... wherever it may take him. He's the first to join Sunny in her creation of new music, and in her plan to get them out of the horrific situation they created.

[AMY] Any gender, 20-30, Any ethnicity. Jazz bass. Amy is often the peacekeeper of the group. She considers them her family and has no ego about her talent or the future of the band. When she does speak, it's in a positive way to get the group back on track.

[FRANKIE] Any gender, 20-30, Any ethnicity. Trumpet. Frankie is quiet, thoughtful, and logical. He chooses his words carefully and isn't one to jump to conclusions. 

[HERB] Male, 20-30, Any ethnicity. Manger of The Arcadian Theatre. He's gruff, impersonal, and probably balding. Although not necessarily and evil guy, he has no time for distractions and gives zero fucks about your feelings.

[JANE] Female, 20-30, Any ethnicity. Stage manager of The Arcadian Theatre. Jane is Herb's right hand person. She runs the technical end of the theatre.